A Walking Tour of Salento Colombia

Colombia’s Friendliest Tourist Town

Salento, Colombia’s friendliest town, is in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region. It’s a picturesque town that embodies the warmth and hospitality that Colombia is known for.

Founded in 1850, Salento was the heart of the surrounding community of coffee farms. Later, it also became known for local trout farming. And now, it has added tourism to the list of industries that keep this small community thriving.

With its colorful colonial architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and welcoming locals, Salento has quickly become one of the country’s top destinations for travelers seeking an authentic taste of Colombian culture.

One thing that sets Salento apart from other towns in Colombia is its friendly locals. You’ll be greeted with open arms and warm smiles from the moment you arrive.

Whether wandering through the town’s cobblestone streets, exploring the lush green hills surrounding the city, or sipping coffee at one of the local cafes, you’ll feel like part of the community of Salento in no time.

One of the best ways to experience Salento’s friendly vibe is to stay in one of the town’s many homestays. These family-run guesthouses offer visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and get to know their hosts personally, from sharing meals and conversations to participating in traditional activities like coffee harvesting. Staying in a homestay is a fantastic way to make lasting connections with the people of Salento.

Nightlife in Salento Colombia

Another reason why Salento is known as Colombia’s friendliest town is its vibrant nightlife. Despite its small size, Salento has a lively bar scene that attracts locals and visitors alike. So whether you’re into salsa dancing or just want to relax with a cold beer, you’ll find plenty of options in Salento. And because the town is so compact, you’ll never have to travel far to find a fun spot to hang out.

Salento the Gateway to Valle de Cocora

Of course, no trip to Salento would be complete without a visit to the Valle de Cocora. This stunning valley is home to the world’s tallest wax palms, which tower over the landscape at up to 200 feet. Hiking through the canyon is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Salento. The locals always offer tips and advice on the best routes.

A Walking Tour of Salento Colombia

In this video, I take you on a walking tour of Salento’s main strip, Calle Real. We will explore the many shops offering crafts and artwork from talented local artisans. We will also examine the bars and restaurants that line this pedestrian thoroughfare.

You will witness firsthand the warmth and welcoming nature of the people of Salento. The friendliest town in Colombia.

Once at the end of the street, we will climb the towering staircase to the Alto de la Cruz and enjoy a beautiful sunset with other tourists and locals.

In conclusion, Salento is a town that truly embodies the warmth and hospitality that Colombia is known for. From its friendly locals to its stunning landscapes and vibrant nightlife, Salento is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Colombian culture.

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