Bicycle Touring Thailand

Bicycle on Bridge Bangkok

Me, my Surly Ogre, and Bangkok

Here are a blog posts and videos covering bicycle touring in Thailand.

I entered Thailand on my 19th day after leaving Hanoi, Vietnam, and it was the final phase of my January 2019, bicycle tour of SE Asia.

Of the four countries I visited, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand; It was the only one I had been to before. My previous trip was twenty years earlier, and I was eager to see what had changed.

The first thing I noticed when I crossed the border from Cambodia is that the mopeds all but disappeared. It was apparent that Thailand had a booming middle class, and there were a lot of cars.

The prices in Thailand, although still inexpensive by Western standards, was significantly higher. A beer at a bar will cost you about $4 (I gauge everything by beer prices).

Regardless of prices, it’s a beautiful country with the friendliest people and the food, in my opinion, can’t be beaten.

Cycling in Thailand Blog Posts

Bicycle Touring Thailand


I found a route towards Bangkok that took off me of the main highway. I was feeling horrible, but the backroads offered some of the best touring of my trip. The scenery was spectacular. There were dirt roads that meandered through lush green rice patties and limestone towers. The route was peaceful and empty except for the occasional village.

Cycling in Thailand Videos

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