Bicycle Touring Laos

Bicycle in Laos

Off-the-beaten-path in Laos

Here are a group of blog posts and videos covering bicycle touring in Laos.

When I was planning my ride from Hanoi to Bangkok, I was most looking forward to touring in Laos. I wasn’t disappointed. The people were incredibly friendly, and there was delicious roadside food available everywhere. And the best part, it was incredibly cheap. Anywhere in the world where you can buy a beer for $.50 is alright with me.

In total, I spent a week riding through Laos. I started in the North Central area after crossing from Vietnam at the Nam Phao International Checkpoint. Then I headed West to the Mekong and from there, followed the river South to Cambodia.

Of the four countries I visited on my 2019 SE Asia trip, Laos would be the one I would most love to visit again.

As always, if you are planning a bicycle tour in Laos, or you have done one in the past. Let me know. I enjoy hearing about others adventures and I am always happy to answer any questions.

Bicycle Touring Laos Blog Posts

Bicycle Touring Laos


I’m in Laos. I’m on the other side of the world riding my bicycle. Everyone I know and love is over 8,000 miles away. Most of the time it gives me a thrill to focus on this. Other times, I’m overwhelmed with loneliness.

Bicycle Touring Along the Mekong River

When I first entered Laos the children would shout “hello” as I rode by on my bicycle. Then one day, amongst the barrage of hellos I heard a single “sabaidee.” I didn’t think much of it, but over the next hundred or so miles the hellos slowly disappeared and were replaced entirely with sabaidee.

Bicycle Touring Laos Videos

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