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First rule of bicycle touring. You better have a good knolling pic before your trip

Are you a gearhead? You should be. Having the right equipment for your bicycle touring adventure is essential.

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Bicycle Touring Upgrades for Iceland

In preparation for my upcoming tour of Iceland, I wanted to make some touring bicycle upgrades to my Surly Ogre. To start, I wanted power. I wanted a solution for charging electronics while touring. I also needed more storage. Unlike my previous tour of Southeast Asia, I will need to carry a tent, food, fuel, and other camping supplies.

Custom Bicycle Touring Wheels

After completing my first ever bicycle tour, I immediately got home and booked another trip. After five weeks of touring Southeast Asia, I couldn’t wait to get back out there. The plan was to cycle Iceland’s Ring Road, but I wanted to make some upgrades to my bike. Here you will find the specs on the custom bicycle touring wheels I order through