Bicycle Touring Cambodia

Bicycle Tattoo

My bicycle tattoo from Siem Reap

Here are a group of blog posts and videos covering bicycle touring in Cambodia.

In total, I spent about a week touring in Cambodia. I entered the country in the North through the border with Laos just East of the 4,000 Islands area of the Mekong River. I was amazed by how drastically everything immediately changed. The roads were terrible. There was a very noticeable military presence, and all the small family farms gave way to industrialized agriculture.

While poverty was an issue in all of the countries I toured in SE Asia, Cambodia was at another level. Especially in the North. As a traveler, I found food scarce outside of the larger cities and many towns along the major highways had no electricity. Regardless, the people were warm and welcoming.

My bicycle tour eventually brought me to Siem Reap, and everything changed. I instantly fell in love with the city and spent a few wonderful days touring the temples and countryside surrounding Angkor Wat.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m happy to support other travelers any way I can.

Bicycle Touring Cambodia Blog Posts

Bicycle Touring Cambodia


It was still dark, but I was racing through the city to make it to Angkor Wat before sunrise. I arrived with only minutes to spare, and it was brilliant. I then spent the rest of the day riding from temple to temple. There were busloads of tourists, but since I was on a bicycle, I easily avoided the crowds. My day in Angkor Wat was hands down the highlight of my time in Cambodia.

Bicycle Touring Cambodia Videos

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